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Project Manager

Project Manager

Gcom Software, Inc.

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Gcom Software, Inc.
Date Posted: June 29, 2017
Long Island
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Project Manager
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Job ID: #548


The Project Delivery Office (PDO) is seeking qualified candidates for construction management supervision in Long Island and Staten Island, New York. The candidate will oversee the demolition process of residential structures, specifically, the candidate will make certain that all notifications have been submitted, ensure the demolition contractor generates, and submits all plans and applications, and obtains any and all permits required to properly perform the demolition and ensure compliance with local municipal, New York City (if applicable), New York State, and Federal rules and regulations governing demolition work and associated tasks.

Essential Functions

• Oversee and direct demolition projects from pre-demolition until vacant lot, graded and seeded with suitable vegetation. • Oversee all onsite and offsite construction activities to monitor compliance with building and safety regulations. • Provide oversight of multiple demolition project sites while maintaining open lines of communication with supervisors when needed. • Coordinate and direct demolition contractors and subcontractors. • Prepare internal and external reports pertaining to job status. • Ensure quality construction standards and the use of proper demolition means and methods. • Respond to management requests for updates on properties relating to municipality / homeowner issues. • Ensure all requested documents are uploaded into GOSR’s electronic system of records. • Ensure Hazardous Material Handling and Disposal Plans are being followed by contractors • Oversee perimeter and personnel air monitoring during demolition of the structures. • Ensure that safety at the Site will fall under the most stringent of guidelines and regulations under Federal OSHA and New York Public Employee Safety and Health (PESH) of the New York Department of Labor. • Ensure demolition contractor complies with all federal, State, and local environmental rules and regulations governing demolition activities, including but not limited to the proper packaging, labeling, manifesting, and disposal of resulting wastes, and provide Certificates of Disposal and copies of fully executed manifests from the final disposal facility to show all shipped waste was properly disposed of. • Ensure all Permit applications, notifications, and plans have been submitted, all required permits have been obtained, and all utilities disconnect letters have been obtained. • Ensure project sites are cleaned daily with all debris removed promptly. • Provide a two week look ahead schedules calling out all critical activities and subcontractors to be on site.


• Advanced knowledge of demolition management processes, means and methods. • Advanced knowledge of asbestos rules and regulations and third party monitoring including but not limited to New York State Department of Labor and New York City Department of Environmental Protection rules and regulations. • Advanced knowledge of Department of Environmental Conservation permitting requirements • Expert knowledge of building products, construction details and relevant rules, regulations, and quality standards. • OSHA Certified. • Bachelor’s degree in construction management, architecture, engineering or related field. • Minimum of 5 years of experience in construction management.

Start Date:

Thursday, June 29, 2017

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